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Questions and Answers About Our CNC Dovetails

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1) What size bolts are in fixtures?

A) - All fixtures have 1/2 x 13 bolts except the -4 they have 7/16 x 14 bolts.

2). How much clearance do I need when cutting dovetail on parts?

A) - .002/.003 clearance per side. This makes loading easy enough, yet doesn’t require excessive flexing of fixture just to get to the part.

3) How long do they last?

A) - The one I'm using I made about 8 years ago.(same material 7075-T651) It's a little scratched from sliding parts in and out,other than that it looks like new. My old fixture is not anodized,has no corner rad's and 3/8 x 16 bolts. My new fixtures have hard black NI-acetate seal for an anodize, .03 rad's in fixture and 1/2 x 13 and 7/16 x 14 bolts. So these new fixtures are a lot better and should last a long time.

4) Do I need a keyway?

A) - I have never put a keyway in any of my aluminum parts, but I always put a keyway in on steel parts.Use common sense when using any fixture.

5) Why would I need a dovetail fixture?

A) - When you rotate a 4 or 5 axis machine with a vise clamping the part, the ends of the vise can get in the way.

6) What if the BIG MAN fixture gets in the way of cutter or spindle?

A) - The BIG MAN is made out of aluminum and you can customize it how ever you went.

7) What do I torque the BIG MAN to?

A) - 5 foot pounds and it's snug; 10 foot pounds it's tight, but I usually torque to 30 foot pounds.

8) Will the anodize flake or peal off?

A) - No. Hard black NI-acetate seal is .002 thick. It penetrates into the aluminum .001,however u can scratch it.

9) How much off center line do I create my geometry?

A) - To cut dovetail on your part. Geometry off center line for the - 2 is (.853 or 1.706 overall). For the -4 (.346 or .692 overall). For the -7 and -8 (.389 or .788 overall).

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