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CNC Dovetails

Illustrations of our Dovetail "Big Man" Fixture

$700 for any Big Man fixture.


CNC DOVETAILS. CNC FIXTURES. CNC TOOLING. CNC VISE. CNC Work holding fixtures. The BIG MAN is the one you're looking for. Works great and looks great. Aluminum fixture that's been hard black anodized and stainless steel keyway. Works the best and costs the least. Check out my web site for more information. Watch our CNC dovetail video on YouTube.

$888 CNC Dovetail
4 and 5 axis dovetail fixtures. BIG MAN fixtures will hold your parts for 4 and 5 axis machining. 7075-T651. Hard black anodize. Spring shoves stainless steel keyway up into part. Parts never move once 1/2 x 13 or 7/16 x 14 bolts are tight. 10 foot pounds for small parts and 30 foot pounds for larger parts. Check out hog out parts and read over my website.

Our Big Man CNC Dovetail fixture fastens part securely to the fixture. Keyway to keep it from moving in fixture. This fixture has been tested throughly. And they work great.

Dovetail Tooling: I tightened the .437 x 14 bolts to 120 foot pounds before the bolt broke, though the threads in the fixture were fine and the broken bolt unscrewed easily.

To cut dovetail on your part. Geometry off center line for the - 2 is (.853 or 1.706 overall) For the -4 (.346 or .692 overall) For the -7 and -8 (.389 or .788 overall)

Tested Thoroughly

7075T651 is very strong aluminum. There is over 1.00 of complete thread. I have used the one on my site for about 10 years and the bolts and threads in the fixture are still like new. The keyway is made from .625 DIA 304 stainless steel. Socket head cap screws are class 3 A threads-alloy steel heat treated.

Steel washers are gold zink coated. Anodize is hard black NI-acetate seal. Thickness is .002 -- .001 penetrates into aluminum so it will not flake or peal off. Threaded holes and .501 dowel pin holes were masked for anodize. The hog out on the fixture was ruffed with a 1.000 DIA 3 flut ruffer. 7000 RPM 1.8 deep .3 step over at 50 IMP. I could have gone faster but I ran out of horse power.

Fixture is great for 4 axis machinining when you need to get in close to fixture like the part shown in our photos.

Uses for this CNC dovetail are for 3,4, and 5 axis CNC machines.

CNC Dove tail tooling. The BIG MAN dovetail fixtures are the ones you have been waiting for. Great for your 4 and 5 axis machine. Strong and look great with BIG MAN engraved on the side. Spring shoves stainless steel keyway up to lock part into fixture. 1/2 x 13 and 7/16 x 14 bolts and gold plated steel washers.

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